What To Expect To Wear For A Hospitality Job


Congratulations on receiving your first job in the hospitality industry! You can expect working in this area to be fun and fast paced. Most people who work in hospitality are given corporate uniforms or specific guidelines on what to wear to work by their employer.

Working in a restaurant

The type of hospitality clothing you are given to wear to work in a restaurant will depend on the type of restaurant that you work in and your specific job role. If you are front of house, you will most likely be given a uniform to wear. Most fast food restaurants will provide you with cotton and polyester corporate shirts, t-shirts or polo shirts as this kind of material is practical, comfortable and does not crease easily so that you will look neat and professional even when you are on your feet all day. Many restaurants will provide you with as many corporate shirts as you need for your shifts in the week, and the shirts will most likely display the company logo.

Working front of house in a fine dining restaurant will usually call for a finer, professional uniform. Some fine dining restaurants will not provide you with corporate uniforms but will expect you to purchase hospitality clothing that abides by their guidelines to wear to work. A plain white cotton shirt, tie or neck scarf and plain trousers is a good example of what to expect to be asked to wear. In any restaurant job, you will be expected to wear sensible footwear. Shoes that cover the whole foot are almost always necessary for health and safety reasons. You will usually be expected to be clean shaven and any long hair will normally be required to be tied up. A professional, clean and tidy appearance is paramount.

Chefs, cooks and kitchen assistants are usually provided with hospitality clothing in most restaurants. A chef coat, hat, and sometimes trousers or slacks are usually provided. Most chefs wear white, but the colour of the corporate uniforms you are provided with as a chef will depend entirely on the restaurant where you work. Wherever you work in a restaurant, check with your manager about the guidelines regarding jewellery, makeup, and tattoos and piercings.

Hotel jobs

Most hotel staffs are given corporate uniforms that clearly display the hotel’s logo and are in accordance with any colour scheme. Smart cotton corporate shirts are usually the first choice for hotel employees. Usually, hotel employees will be expected to uphold a very high standard of professionality and their appearance should reflect this. Expect to be asked to cover tattoos, and keep piercings and jewellery to a minimum. As with in a restaurant job, you may be asked to tie long hair up into a near ponytail or bun. Hotel staff spend a lot of time on their feet, so it may be a good idea to invest in some smart but comfortable closed-toe shoes.